Best exercise equipment for women


A large number of recent studies have shown that obesity is a much more severe problem than what have many previously thought. Unfortunately, women are not immune to this rampaging trend that is sweeping not just through the U.S. but also the majority of 1st world countries.

Exercises and equipment

The fact that we are exercising too little and eat too much is undeniable. The focus of this article will be oriented towards the first element of this fact – the exercise. More specifically, we will deal with some of the best exercise methods and best exercise equipment for women.

When it comes to exercising, it is important to stress the difference between men’s and women’s bodies, as well as different workout regimes. It is well known that women look to get toned, instead of bulking up. There are also special exercises that they can do that target their private parts.

Weight equipment

hdhd74To achieve that look and shed their weight, women can greatly benefit from using weight-straining equipment, instead just sticking to various cardiovascular exercises. The greatest benefit from using weight-straining equipment is that women can build up their bone mass, which can serve as an excellent protection against a number of major women’s issues such as osteoporosis. Another important advantage of strength training is the fact that it burns far more calories than, say, yoga. This is mainly a result of using and flexing the muscles which are not used to being flexed. Since lifting weights is a much bigger challenge that stretching, a woman can burn much more calories that way.


When it comes to the equipment, you should definitely start with dumbbells, which are extremely simple to use. They can come in various sizes and weights. For starters, consider using half-a-pound or 1 pound dumbbells.

Dumbbells are extremely popular due to their simplicity and the fact that they can be used at any time, anywhere. You can sit at your computer desk or in front of the TV and take these so as to do a few series of curls. This way, you will see a toned biceps in a matter of days.

Now, if you can afford and if you have enough space, you should also consider getting some home gym type of equipment, such as the lat pull-down, the leg press, the shoulder press or a stationary bike.

The lat machine

With the help of a lat machine, you will primarily target your back, biceps and the lats. This machine is very simple to use. All you have to do is grip the bar with both of your hands, 2 inches from the center of the bar, and pull it towards your neck.

The leg press

The leg press is one of the most common seen machines in gyms. With it, you can get an excellent workout by targeting your rear area and thighs. You can also do specific exercises to target different areas of your legs

The shoulder press

If you want to focus on sides and the fronts of your shoulders, this is for you. When using this machine, make sure you are sitting perfectly straight, so as to avoid hurting your joints.

Food dehydrators

hdhd84Finally, you can also use a somewhat unconventional piece of equipment. If you are not so keen on using dumbbells or gym equipment, you can get good results by using a food dehydrator. With these, you can take out all the water out of your favorite food, thus leaving only sugar and other important organic matter. With food dehydrators, you can have perfectly healthy food, which can greatly contribute to your overall exercising efforts.

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